Speedway 4 Electric Scooter

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Speedyway/Minimotors are the leading manufacturer in high-performance Electric Scooters. They created a series called the Speedway IV. Speedway IV is equipped with a single 800W motor (1600W peak) and also one of the largest batteries (1586Wh) that a single motor electric scooter can offer. Let’s have a quick look on the specification of the scooters.



Top Speed: 28+mph*
Maximum Range: Up to 75miles *
Charging time: 15hours with standard charger. 6 hours with Fast Charger
Weight: 52.2lbs/23.7kg
Maximum Rider Weight: 280lbs
Tires: 10” CST 2.5 Tires with Tubes

(Depends on the rider weight and the terrain)*