Dualtron Ultra V2 Electric Scooter


  • The specification can be changed by manufacturer to meet the requirements and laws of different countries and regions.
  • The distance on the specification is 65lb load, 13mph constant speed riding basis and the driving distance can be shortened by the riding terrain and the driving way of user.
  • The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), riding surface density, slope and tire condition.

High performance LG MJ1 lithium ion battery.

It is equipped with the largest capacity and high performance lithium ion battery in Korea, and it is possible to carry out high power and long distance riding over rough terrain.

Minimotors 2A standard charger
Minimotors 6.5A rapid charger


Product is covered under 1 year standard warranty

Warranty product will be null and void if:

  •  The product is damaged physically by uncommon usage.
  •  The product is modified or disassembled.
  •  The product is damage by water.

Warranty limitation

  • Warranty product of product is limited to manufacturing defect
  • Warranty doesn’t cover damages caused due to God and force majeure acts


Dualtron Ultra V2 LCD settings

P0: Wheels diameters - 11 (Fixed)
P1: Voltage - 60 (Fixed)
P2: # of magnet in motor - 15 (Fixed)
P3: 0 (Fixed)
P4: Mph or Kph
P5: Push Start or Acceleration Start
P6: Cruise control
P7: Fast start. 0 fastest - 5 slowest 
P8: Max output 5-100%
P9: Battery save - 1(Max). 2(Mid). 3(No)
PA: Electronic brakes. 0(off). 5(Max)
PB: LCD brightness.