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Dualtron Ultra
- Battery: 60v 35ah
- Top speed: 50mph**
- Distance: Up to 75miles**
- Weight: 81lb
- Motors: Max 5400W


Speedway Nano
- Battery: 36V6.4ah 
- Top speed: 17mph**
- Distance: Up to 15miles**
- Weight: 18lb
- Motors: Max 250W
** The specification can be changed by manufacturer to meet the requirements and laws of different countries and regions.
** The distance on the specification is 75kg load, 20km/h constant speed riding basis and the driving distance can be shortened by the riding terrain and the driving way of user.
** The distance can be affected by loaded weight, wind direct (wind speed), riding surface density, slope and tire condition.

*Terms and conditions
Promotion applicable for sales in United States only
Speedway Nano does not comes with warranty